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mini chomp
This code is central to most of the activities and research projects associated with CHomP. Given a complex, it computes the associated homology. Given and multivalued map on top cells in the complex, it computes the induced map on homology.
persistent homology
Here one can find code to convert data into complexes, compute persistence diagrams from filtrations, and work with collections of persistence diagrams.
Given a parameterized family of nonlinear dynamical systems this code produces the associated database, that is, it produces a continuation graph, the nodes of which are Conley-Morse graphs and the edges of which indicate how the Conley-Morse graphs change as a function of parameter. This information is meant to be studied using the database explorer software also provided here.
Here one will find code for rigorously computing and approximating invariant sets associated with nonlinear dynamical systems. This includes fixed points, periodic orbits, heteroclinic or homoclinic orbits, stable and unstable manifolds, and even chaotic invariant sets for finite or infinite dimensional maps, ODEs, PDEs, and FDEs.