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This application is a visualization tool for Dynamic Signatures Generated by Regulatory Networks (DSGRN), a software package to explore the dynamics generated by a regulatory network. The input to DSGRN is a regulatory network and the output is a database representing the dynamics of the network across all parameter space.

To use this application a JSON database with the results from DSGRN is needed. Instructions on creating one are available on the DSGRN repository. You can upload your own database generted by DSGRN or select one of the available databases.

The top panel shows the nework on the left, Morse graph in the middle, and cell complex on the right with the Morse sets highlighted. The bottom panel shows the parameter graph. To select a parameter node to visualize, click on the node in the parameter graph or select from the drop down at the top. The parameter graph becomes slow when loading databases with many parameter nodes (in the thousands). To view a specific morse set you can click on a node in the Morse graph. You can also select more than one morse set by changing the 'selection method' option to 'multiple morse sets', or select an interval of morse sets by changing it to 'interval'. To return to viewing all morse sets after selecting one simply click on the one that is selected.

This application is available on GitHub and was created with d3.js and Plotly.js. The available colormaps are built-in d3 colormaps and can be seen here.