The CHomP C++ Library Documentation


This documentation of the CHomP library is currently under construction. Although many classes and functions already have their descriptions, I am aware of the fact that these descriptions are not as detailed as the user might wish to have. Therefore, this documentation has been generated in such a way that it includes the entire source code which sould be consulted if in doubt. The code has many additional comments which shed light on what it actually does.

I am still working on making this documentation more informative and complete, but it takes A LOT of time. Therefore, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the incomplete documentation and I invite to browse the source code instead, or ask me specific questions by email.

Where to Begin

If in doubt, I recommend to begin browsing with the contents of the file "chomp/homology/homology.h" which contains some high-level interface for the homology computation.

It is also a good idea to see the contents of header files in the "capd/homengin/" subdirectory. This is a multi-engine interface to the homology computation routines of various kinds which mainly represent full cubical sets in terms of bitmaps.


Several examples of how the CHomP library can be used in one's own programs are collected in the "programs/examples/" subdirectory of the CHomP source code distribution. These examples are mainly stand-alone simple small programs which do one specific thing and demonstrate how to make use of the CHomP library functions and classes.

Pawel Pilarczyk